Naturally Formulated Key Ingredients Essential Vitamins and Oils

Over-the-counter. Natural.
Topical. And it works!

Salonceuticals and Dr. Silverberg are very excited to announce a new over-the-counter, natural topical treatment for nail fungus. This new product contains the proven anti-fungal active ingredient, tolnaftate, that kills the fungi that causes nail fungus. The antifungal medication, tolnaftate, is delivered in an all natural multiple oil based vehicle that allows it to penetrate the hard nail plate in order to reach inside the nail and eradicate the fungus.

In addition to ingredients that kill nail fungus, Nail pure includes many ingredients that have been used effectively by cosmetic and beauty products to keep nails looking natural and beautiful.

Nail Pure contains only natural ingredients and no methyl parabans or other preservatives. (Be sure to click on the ingredients page and read about each of our natural ingredients and how they help to get rid of ugly nail fungus while making the nails healthier and look better.)

Usage is easy with twice a day topical application with the built in applicator brush. It is as simple as applying nail polish, but with no build-up that requires removal. This ensures easy, no hassle usage. There are no systemic side effects like oral treatments. It is safe and effective.