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Facts About Nail Fungus

Who gets Nail Fungus?

Anyone can get nail fungus. Some environmental factors increase the chances such as: walking barefoot in warm and moist environments, participating in athletic activities, having trauma to the nails, poor hygiene, and spending long hours wearing shoes and socks. Some non-environmental factors that increase the chances of having nail fungus include: Increased age, poor circulation, immunosuppression, poor health, diabetes, and family history.

What is the incidence of nail fungus?

Recent studies in North America have shown that approximately 6.5% of the population is affected by nail fungus. That is almost 20 million Americans and 2.1 million Canadians. You are not alone!

How do I treat nail fungus?

There are many different over-the-counter and prescription treatment options including: oral medications, topical medications, lasers and surgery. Starting treatment early is beneficial. Physician formulated NAILPURE® is a unique multiple-oil vehicle designed to penetrate the nail topically and kill fungus on contact.