Naturally Formulated Key Ingredients Essential Vitamins and Oils

Naturally Formulated

NailPure Professional contains a unique combination of ingredients that have been found to cure nail fungus. Dr. Silverberg and Salonceuticals have taken the active ingredient, tolnaftate, which has been shown to kill fungus, and combined it in an all natural multiple oil vehicle that allows the tolnaftate to penetrate into the nail where the fungus resides.

In addition, many of the ingredients have been proven to increase skin and nail health and appearance and have been used in cosmetic and beauty products for years. This unique combination of ingredients kills fungus and at the same time improves the health and appearance of the skin and nails.

Among the key ingredients are:
• Tolnaftate
• Tea Tree Oil
• Manuka Tree Oil
• Ethanoic Acid
• Other Essential Vitamins and Oils