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Instructions for Usage

Clean and dry affected area thoroughly. Apply thin layer of Nail Pure solution to affected area with applicator brush attached to bottle cap. May be used between digits, on skin surface and on nails. Massage into skin, nail and skin surrounding nail. Apply twice daily, morning and night. Typically, product will require use for 6 months for complete resolution. Often positive results will be seen after 30-45 days of product use.

Most people will see results within a few weeks. At first you will see some clearing of the dark, yellow or cloudy color to the nail as the whitening ingredients change the color and the antifungal ingredients start to kill fungus. Over the next several weeks to months the nail will become even more normal in color and begin to appear less thick and healthier. In the final stages the new nail grows in appearing healthy and clear as the new nail slowly replaces the infected nail. (The exact length of time is dependent on how fast individual’s nails grow and differs from person to person.)